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13 January 2006

[Player Icon] Text-only environments were great in the '70s. Then colour was invented in the '80s. Images arrived in the '90s. Each advance made previous systems look and feel amaterish. In order to bring the Moo up to date, I've been busy creating icons of each object. Previous experiences with POV-Ray had been favourable, so I used it to create a set of generic icons.

Now that we're catching up with the '90s, what's next? Well, this decade is turning into the video decade. Everything from the OS X Dock to Google Earth ooze with fluid movement. Progammers and designers are in a continual arms race to keep user interfaces up to date. For example, at one time an on-screen button was the cutting edge of user-friendliness. Then they also had to when clicked. Then they also had to when moused over. Now Opera has raised the bar further: they are starting to add to their highlight. It never ends.

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