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8 October 2006

[Photograph of Carleton University] To the left is a photograph of Carleton University which I took a couple of days ago. A few new buildings have sprouted in my ten year absence, but most things have remained constant. Each building has attributes directly related to its domain: The architecture building is the ugliest on campus. The psychology building is a maze of twisty passages, all alike. The elevator in the school of computer science stops at every floor, regardless of the selected destination. The heating system in the engineering building is ineffective. And the presence of automatic doors on the athletics building never ceases to amuse me.

But the one thing that really matters is that the profs encourage independent thought. The kinematic algorithms taught in class for tracking robots seemed cumbersome, so I developed a more elegant approach. The prof said "cool". If this were the Open University, I would have been penalised. And that makes all the difference.

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