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Neil Fraser

For the past decade I've been a software engineer at Google in California.  In my spare time I've created a mélange of open-source software.  I've also built some rather unusual hardware.  On rare occasions I've even been known to write something interesting.

Albert Saturday, 7 December 2019

Meet Albert! He's a five year old collection of fur, purring, and condescending stares. Historically I've had mice, and rats, so this is the next logical step as I slowly move up the food chain.

We picked him up at the local shelter, upon which he promptly disappeared into the back of a closet for three days. It's pretty hard to see a black cat in a dark closet, but I guess that was the point.

After concluding that very few of the people here were interested in eating him, Albert started to emerge and make himself at home. Beverly discovered the joyous combination of cats and laser pointers. Quynh discovered that flicking tails are followed soon thereafter by claws. And Sierra discovered that Albert chose her as his pet human.

I think he's fitting in purrfectly.

Update: Albert has found his favourite spot in the house that doesn't involve someone's lap.

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