[Photograph of Neil Fraser]

Neil Fraser

For the past decade I've been a software engineer at Google in California.  In my spare time I've created a mélange of open-source software.  I've also built some rather unusual hardware.  On rare occasions I've even been known to write something interesting.

Maker Faire 2019 Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Every year people who like to build stuff get together to show off their creations at the Maker Faire. I've exhibited several things in the past, but Beverly is keeping me busy right now, so this year I just went as a visitor. Maker Faire appears to be having financial problems, leading some to speculate that this year's show might be the last. Accordingly, Sierra and I took photos of the highlights.

[Panel discussion at Maker Faire]

Despite the unseasonal rain that went on all weekend, attendance was good. We spent the whole day there from opening to closing and managed to see about 70% of the show. I hope Maker Faire finds a way to continue in the Bay Area.

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