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1 November 2006

Not long ago Ajaxian posted a brief article on their blog about my MobWrite application. The result was a torrent of visitors bashing away at MobWrite in real-time. The traffic peaked at 14 synchronisations per second from 73 simultaneous users. It was a severe test of the application's scalability. Much to my satisfaction, MobWrite handled the onslaught very well.

A couple of hours later a completely unexpected email arrived from Google. They had seen MobWrite and were impressed by the algorithms. A very generous offer was made which I could not refuse. Tickets have been purchased, arrangements made. Right after my final exams I'll be starting work at the Googleplex in California.

I'm looking forward to working on projects that really matter, with people who really know how to code. It will also be great to belong to an organization where I am not the geekiest person around. This should be a lot of fun.

In the words of my grandmother:
  "Google seems to be more important than Microwave."
Couldn't have said it better myself.

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