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21 August 2006

Well. You guys certainly know how to torture an application. Especially Mr う. Thank you.

Let's try this again. The back end is the same as last time, but the user interface is completely new. It's using Midas, contentEditable, ranges and other highly unstable DOM-mutilating tech. The result is that the cursor no longer resets when remote changes arrive. Also, those remote changes are now highlighted in yellow. Getting this to run in Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE was 'fun'. IE took twice as long to get working than all the other browsers combined.

[MobWrite]MobWrite is now freely available.

This completes a major part of my dissertation. The next move is the university's. If history is any guide, it will once again be marked without being read (access logs are very informative).

In anticipation of next week's shuttle launch, do check out the video from the last launch as seen from the SRB cameras (looking down or looking up). Reminds me of Joss Whedon's work; liftoff, out of atmo, and splashdown -- in one take.

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