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Voxel Sphere

17 November 2006

A rival team was monopolizing the robotics lab, so I had a couple of hours to kill. Me and free time are always a dangerous combination. So, I set about writing a tool to compute the construction of spheres using blocks. There are several well-published patterns for making Lego spheres, but they only apply to Lego's unique aspect ratio. I have my eye on Minibrix, so I needed a more generic sphere building tool.

Block dimensions:
Centred on block:
Sphere radius:

Special thanks to Hong for helping to prove that my first attempt was horribly flawed, and Patrick for pointing me in the right direction.

Update: Rendering speed is now much improved. But there's an odd distortion of the table cells in all browsers except IE. It's rather mysterious. Has something to do with the doctype. Update: Fixed.

Update: A z-axis scaling bug has been fixed. -- August 2007

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