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6 December 2006

I've spent much the past month wrapping up my affairs, giving away my possessions and saying goodbye. Joining Google is a bit like being terminally ill. But as a future co-worker commented, "The food's better."

Of course I am not going anywhere without Widget. For something so small, she's managed to cause a lot of trouble. The Canadian airline refused to take her since it is winter. Never mind the fact that she wears a fur coat. I guess they don't build mice the way they used to. So I switched to an American airline that allows mice as carry-on. [Cue the SoaP jokes.]

When the relocation people in California heard about Widget, they demanded a $500 deposit to cover potential damage Widget might cause. The mind boggles, do they make houses out of cheese now? Apparently so: this is the place in question [current Google Maps view]. One can clearly see that the roof was completely eaten away by the previous tenant's pocket pet. Gee, I hope they get that fixed by the time I arrive.

Next I suppose she'll want her own surfboard.

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