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16 December 2006

What's the most nerve-wracking part about moving? For me, it's unplugging my computer. That's one of those final bridge-burning actions which completely changes one's operational environment in a split-second. Suddenly I'm totally uncontactable. I'm unable to access any data. I'm unable to do any work. It's like suddenly being thrust into the dark ages.

Oh well, let's get this over with. Unplu$&-@'. [NO CARRIER]

Update: This trip is not going quite according to plan. At this point my luggage is (apparently) in San Jose, my pet mouse is embargoed in Toronto, and I've unexpectedly landed in San Francisco.

Final Update: Luggage, mouse and human have all been reunited. Thumbs down to United Airlines for promising to accept Widget, then reneging on that booking at the check-in counter. Thumbs up to Air Canada for flying Widget on short notice and taking excellent care of her during an unscheduled 24h delay in Toronto.

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