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10 February 2006

Pet stores frequently stock "feeder mice". They are sold as tasty treats for cats, snakes, tarantulas and similar creatures. Dinner and a show, one might say. Obviously the Brit in me says something different.

The local pet store had one "feeder mouse" left; a black, six week old female. And she's mine. I got her all fixed up with a two-level home, food, water, a nest and everything else to make a happy mouse.

What I missed was the fact that her skull is slightly smaller than the separation between bars on her cage. So shortly after I went to bed, I awoke to the pitter-patter of little feet. A house is a surprisingly large search-space for a small, nimble object which actively does not wish to be found. It took several hours but I eventually located her hiding inside the hem of some curtains. She initiated a brief chase, then gave up and let me take her. Tiny and inquisitive.

Widget is not used to humans. After all, she was raised as a meal not a pet. But I'm making good progress. In a couple of days I'll post some photographs of her. In the mean time, here's a happier video than the ones above.

[Widget in the plam of my hand] [Widget in my shirt pocket]

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