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9 July 2003

Over the past week there have been a number of updates and upgrades.

Wheel Shapes
Two months after I emailed the National Railway Museum about my criticism of one of their activities, they responded. Their answer (which I've added to the original article) seems a bit odd. If the track is at the same angle as the cone-shaped wheel, one would get terrible friction and grinding since the wheel's surface would be traveling at different speeds. But I'm not going to ask them for clarification; constructive conversations are nearly impossible when ping-times are measured in months.
Image to HTML
The image to HTML converter now handles GIF files as well as JPEG and PNG. It has also been upgraded so that JPEG images which aren't in the JFIF standard can still be read (many digital cameras save using proprietary JPEG formats). So this converter can now handle pretty much anything that's on the web.
Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction is a strategy game I wrote four years ago in VB. I don't plan on supporting this VB implementation any longer, so I've released an updated version which clears up a couple of bugs, adds a couple of minor enhancements, and insulates the program from future Microsoft API changes. This is the final release of Chain Reaction in VB.
Apache Bugs
After diving head-first into Python, I emerged with a really nice application that no web server should be without. Then I discovered that Apache refused to run it. I've filed bug 20944, bug 20945 and bug 20946. Discovering three bugs in Apache comes as a shock. I was under the impression that Apache was rock solid. Release of my first Python application is postponed until Apache is fixed (which I don't have the C++ skills to help with).
New Photo
The first photo of me on this website was an educational lesson on what not to do when taking a photograph. It was replaced a few years later with what had been my staff photo from Ingenia. But that's started to look a bit out of date, hence the new photo. I'd give a great deal to know what the next photo (circa 2008) will look like; probably something like this.

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