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13 February 2003

So far I've kept the corporate power struggles mostly out of public sight. I don't believe in airing dirty laundry. But I'm at a loss as to what to do now.

On Sunday our ex-saleswoman sent a bulk email to all our clients stating that I was "now the sole owner and operator of Digital Routes" and suggesting that as "past clients" of mine they should use the services of the new company she's setup. For the record, there are two owners of Digital Routes and there are eight people operating it.

I don't mind a good fight for business. That's what the free market is all about. But I'm not sure how to respond to outright lies. That stunt instantly lost me three customers (that I know of).

The obvious option is to bulk mail my clients (for a second time) with a response. But that degenerates into what amounts to a public shouting match. The American solution would be to sue her into the next timezone for libel. But over here lobing lawsuits is still considered rude. Various people have suggested more, erm, creative solutions. But most of those would be detrimental to my citizenship application next fall.

So unless anyone has a particularly bright idea, I'll just ignore her proclamations and do what I do best; programming.

[Update: Thanks for all your suggestions. My response was surprisingly effective, I simply took one of her largest clients. Offered them a clear informed choice between our two companies, and poof, got the job. If she doesn't get the message and back off, I've got a second large client of hers lined up. This is way too easy, it seems she isn't held in as high a regard by her clients as was generally assumed. Now that she's left, all sorts of stories are coming out of the woodwork.]

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