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15 November 2003

After waiting nearly a year to make sure that the Digital Routes / Data Converters merger was stable, I've let go of my Inverness flat and moved to Elgin. My new ICBM address (for those of you who wish to use such a delivery method) is [57.6404°, -3.3028°, ~100m], while more conventional folk can use a map.

Moving was somewhat simpler than I'd imagined. It turns out that everything I own of value can fit in a knapsack and a briefcase (not counting Meccano in Ottawa and data in Calgary).

Just as I was leaving Inverness, I was handed a letter which states:

You are hereby notified that a Summary Warrant has been granted against you at the Sheriff Court for arrears of Council Tax plus a Statutory Penalty [...]
I dropped by the tax offices with a stack of bank statements clearly showing my tax being removed from my account every month and being paid to the Council. They pointed at their screen which clearly shows no money arriving. Yet all the account numbers match. It is the 21st century and we still can't get electronic payments to work properly. They are looking into it.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff Court has a standing eviction and property repossession notice which they are liable to execute in two weeks. Meanwhile, in London, the Home Office are checking my records to make sure I'm of 'good character'. I wonder which government agency will finish first. Just what I need, a multi-threaded government in a race condition[?].

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