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24 April 2003

[Election posters go up] It is election time in Scotland. Again. I can't vote since I'm an alien. Which is probably just as well. Here are the usual suspects:

They've all been working together to pave Scotland from coast to coast in plastic election posters. All except the Green party. The Greens decided to practice what they preach and used unlaminated recycled cardboard signs instead. Naturally these all dissolved after the first rain, effectively taking them out of the race. Of all the parties for Mother Nature to erase...

Update: It has been pointed out that the above classifications are a distinctly Canadian viewpoint. Use this dropdown to tweak the classifications to suit your country:

I can only begin to imagine what UK politics would be like if someone like the Canadian Alliance tried to set up shop here. Their policies are accurately summed up on their website, which tells me to go away and not come back until I have cookies enabled. I'm not kidding, they send a cookie called 'killme', then check to see if it was accepted, and if it wasn't, refuse to allow you to view any webpages. Then they check to see 'if ("F" == "E")' because, well, sometimes you need to check these things.

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