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16 August 2003

Since I'm not be able to attend today's Moo Picnic, I offer these menus in my place. Three new toolbars: DHTML, graphical and text. All configurable with lots of bells and whistles. And if people don't like them, they now have the option of creating and installing their own.

One day at Ingenia/SchoolNet a co-worker leaned back in his chair and said "I made 12 web pages today!". I'd just finished writing the Moo's first web interface, so leaned back in my chair and said "I made 10,000 web pages today!". The problem is that although 10,000 web pages had suddenly popped into existence, we've always been lacking a coherent navigation structure to allow people to get from one page to another. I hope that these flexible toolbars are a step in the right direction.

Update: Overheard a girl complaining to her boyfriend about her exams:
"I only got 10 out of 100 questions right. So that's like, uhm, what, 30% or something."
I'm guessing it was a math exam.

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