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31 October 2003

Have you ever been concerned in the commission, preparation, organisation or support of acts of terrorism, either within or outside the United Kingdom or have you ever been a member of an organisation which has been involved in or advocated terrorism in furtherance of its aims?
> Yes or No

Have you ever been concerned in the commission, preparation or organisation of genocide or crimes, including crimes against humanity and war crimes, committed in the course of armed conflict?
> Yes or No

[UK Home Office] A couple of the more entertaining questions from the form required for British citizenship. Said form has been completed, referees rounded up (Mike and Donnie), payment made, and everything sent off to the Home Office for aproval. According to the Home Office website the "expected average processing time" for my application will be 8 months. So with luck I'll be a British citizen by the end of June. Add a month to get a British passport, and I might just make the 2004 Moo Picnic.

While I was visiting Donnie to get his signature, I had a chance to look around the old Digital Routes offices in Albyn House, Inverness. Some vandals had broken in, stolen various items, smashed windows, destroyed equipment, set fire to several offices and generally made a nuisance of themselves. Makes me glad Digital Routes moved to Elgin when we did.

Unrelated quote from a recent phone call:

Me: I'll place your redirect in the .htaccess file.
MCSE: Wow, that's a blast from the past. .htaccess file? Isn't that what they used before ASP?
Me: We don't use Microsoft. We use Linux and Apache.
MCSE: Hmm. So when will all our changes go live?
Me: They're all done.
MCSE: Huh?
Me: We don't use Microsoft. We use Linux and Apache.

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