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26 January 2009

[Dodecahedron Lamp Shade] [ that MobWrite is starting to fill up with NSFW material, I think it's time to quietly move on to something new...]

Here are some photos of a dodecahedron lamp shade which I built. Originally I was planning to sew the fabric as an outside covering over the frame, but my friend Chris suggested sizing the fabric smaller than the frame to form and tenting it from the inside. Looks much more interesting that way.

This is the second lamp I've built, the first being the AOL lamp.

I was giving a rather enthusiastic intern candidate a tour of the Googleplex when she pointed at a photograph on the wall and exclaimed, "OMG!! That's Spaceship One!!" I smiled and replied, "Look up." It is good to periodically see one's environment through someone else's eyes. Strengths and flaws can both become ordinary, accepted and invisible.

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