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19 April 2009

Whenever someone becomes a victim or a hero (in the US the intersection of those two sets seems to be inflated), there's always a scramble to find a presentable photo for the media. Typically they dredge up a yearbook photo or the photo from some form of ID. If something happens to me, please use the one below. Good luck eating your cereal when this is on the milk carton:

[Mad scientist]

Some high-traffic blog should solicit "designated milk carton photos" from their users. Could be fun. [No, other than a trip to Reno next weekend, I'm not planning anything that would land me on the side of a milk carton.]

Advice to future Nooglers: Refrain from asking "Does anyone have a Swiss Army Knife?" while struggling with some packaging at Google. The first result will be a vast array of weaponry instantly pointed in your direction. The second result will be questions about how someone without a Swiss Army Knife (or suitable isotope thereof) managed to make it through the hiring interviews.

Thought of the day: Geosynchronous orbit[?] is slowly expanding, moving away from your planet. One day geosynchronous orbit will suddenly cease to exist. A long time later there will appear five geosynchronous points.

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