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Colorado River

14 March 2009

Part way through the flight back to California I woke up, looked out the window and saw this:

[Meandering section of the Colorado River in Utah]

Using the Tricorder application on my Android, I snapped some GPS coordinates a few minutes later: [N 38° 24.739'; W110° 51.312'; Heading 267°; Altitude 11564.0m; Accuracy 24.0m; Speed 209.8m/s] Once I got home and regained network access it wasn't hard to find the satellite view and confirm that this was the Colorado River, about half a megameter upstream of the Grand Canyon.

Pretty. Looks like one of the meanders is about to short-circuit, like the dead one already has in the lower-left. A 1000-year timelapse video would be interesting to watch.

A half hour later I saw what appeared to be a cluster of ICBM silos, but have so far been unable to locate them on Google Maps. They really ought to label those more prominently...

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