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18 October 2009

Here's a reference photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge (partially obscured by clouds). It was taken from my roof-top deck using the camera on my Android G1 phone:

[Wide view]

Here's a photograph of the arch on the south approach to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was taken from the same location using the same camera:

[Deep view]

The difference in magnification is due to aiming my G1's camera down the line of sight of my 4.5" Newtonian telescope:

[Android Telescope]

Building the mounting rig was a fun little project. I've got a couple of ideas on how to improve its stability. Will post a photo of Jupiter when we get a clear night, and of Saturn when it reemerges from sulking behind the Sun.

This weekend I had been intending to travel down to Vandenberg Air Force Base and watch the launch of a weather satellite. I have never seen a rocket lift off (other than those I've made myself). However I cancelled at the last minute when the forecast predicted it would be "so foggy you can't see anything". They weren't kidding. Oh well. Next time.

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