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Java MobWrite

25 August 2009

One of the criteria for something being a standard is that there must exist at least two independent interoperable implementations. For example, Microsoft's OOXML format[?] is not a standard, since only one application can open it properly (Microsoft Word). Whereas the HTML format[?] is a standard since there are several applications which can render HTML files properly (Gecko, Webkit, Opera, Lynx).

Thus it was important for MobWrite's growth as an interchange format for it to be reimplemented independently. For some time there have been two different servers: a daemon and an App Engine application. Now there are two clients: the original JavaScript client and the new Java implementation. MobWrite's demo page contains links to each of the clients, all talking with one another.

Quote from co-worker looking at some multi-coloured mapping functions on my whiteboard: "Every time I see something like that, I question whether I'm smart enough to work at Google." I looked at the incomprehensible spaghetti on his whiteboard and made the same comment to him. Everyone is an expert in their own domain.

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