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29 November 2009

Last week I went down to the Peninsula Humane Society and adopted a young rat. She had been brought in as a "stray". I asked what that meant exactly, and although they didn't know her particular details I was told that for a caged animal this often means being left behind when the owners moved out of an apartment.

Whatever her history, it does not appear to have involved a lot of pleasant interactions with humans. And her time in the animal shelter next to dozens of yapping dogs couldn't have helped. It has taken a week, but I think she's starting to suspect that my intentions involve something other than eating her. Never the less, it is my sincere hope that sometime soon she learns the difference between my fingers and food.

[Pixel lurking in a sleeve] [Pixel wondering if the camera is edible] [Pixel eating spaghetti]

I've changed her name from A463307 to Pixel. It will take some time, but I'm determined to gain her trust and make her happy.

Tip: When attempting to adopt a small rodent from the Humane Society, don't wear a Python programming T-shirt.

Would you buy a telescope from an organization who uses this image as part of their advertising?

[Telescope FAIL]

Psst: It's a Newtonian reflector; the eye piece is at the other end, pointing out at 90 degrees. Not that it matters, since the lens cap is still on.

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