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Toronto Wisdom

6 November 2004

"Are you visiting Canada for business or pleasure?" the customs agent asked. "I'm here to get my wisdom teeth pulled." I replied. She nodded, moved to tick a checkbox, then stopped, unsure which one to pick.

[My wisdom teeth] The only real discomfort was the IV. The nurse confidently plunged the needle in my hand, mumbled "you bruise easilly", removed it and tried it again. And again. According to her she was hitting the vein but my veins were smaller than her needle. It looks like the fun didn't stop there, they simply waited for me to pass out. After the operation I counted five further attempts in various locations.

But otherwise the procedure was almost a non-event. Four teeth out, some soreness afterwards. I'm starting to actually like the taste of salt water. I wonder what to do with the unopened bottle of Tylenol 3.

While recuperating I'm spending some time in Toronto. Officially I'm here to demonstrate a robot at a local exposition. But since it seems to be running very reliably, I'm able to slip out and look up friends whom I haven't seen in a while. So far the results are mixed; three have died, one's had a baby.

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