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Saturn V

19 June 2004

[Saturn V at Houston]
Apollo 18 never made it to the Moon. Instead it became a lawn ornament at the Johnson Space Center in Texas. I visited it in 1991 and took several photos with the intention of splicing them together to form a panoramic image. In those days 'splicing' meant sissors and glue. These days computers can do it better.

Not the best stitching job in the world, but decent given that the photos were taken out the window of a bus driving down the road. TerraServer have a nice overhead view. [Update: Google Maps has a better view.]

There's an urban legend that the blueprints for the Saturn V were destroyed/lost. This is definitely not true. I know, because they are hanging on my wall (somewhat to the annoyance of my flatmate). The only thing which has been lost is the will to complete any project that takes longer than one term of office. On second thought, I don't think that's been lost, it has just been exported to China.

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