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24 February 2004

Mike (the coworker, as opposed to Mike the ex-coworker, as opposed to Mike the ex-flatmate, as opposed to Mike the TV)'s computer died. It is always wonderful news when a coworker's computer dies because it means that I get to scavenge the lifeless carcass for parts (usually the computer's carcass). This time I got really lucky: a new processor. I replaced my old 366MHz processor with a shiny new 500MHz processor (underclocked to 400MHz which is the upper limit of my motherboard).

Watch that SSH session fly! Look at how snappy that text editor is! Be amazed at the speed of ... er ... hmm. Well that was a bit of a waste. Most of my screen-time is spent using SSH or a text editor. The only benefactor of the new CPU is SETI@Home.

Offtopic: Quite by accident, I stumbled across a valid Google whack[?], latitudinarian pecking. Don't ask.

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