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26 June 2004

Stuck at an airport waiting for a delayed flight. Even the pilot started using the word "SNAFU". To kill time I fired up the JDK on my laptop and built this simple applet. A handful of people reading this page will no doubt remember peering into my old oscilloscope and watching an identical display. Happy Canada Day.

Creating new patterns is as simple as compiling a list of integer X,Y coordinates (to any scale) and inserting them into the "data" parameter of the HTML. Foreground and background colours can also be set with parameters. More extensive changes may be made by editing the Java source code. If you create anything interesting, send me a copy and I'll post it here (assuming it's G-rated). Currently available patterns are: cardiod, insignia, enterprise.

Update: I got an interesting mail from an anomymous remailer in Finland. All it said was "74,42, 77,26, 84,14, 93,6, 112,0, 110,16, 101,31, 91,39, 74,42, 74,53, 100,45, 123,47, 145,63, 131,76, 125,98, 134,123, 149,136, 142,153, 126,177, 109,184, 93,180, 78,176, 64,180, 47,184, 33,178, 17,158, 5,133, 0,101, 4,76, 19,55, 45,45, 62,48, 74,53". On a hunch I plugged it into VidScope and got this shape. Hmm. Thanks!

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