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21 March 2004

Deadlines are fun. As the impending date approaches one starts to see the date appear in more an more places. First it pops up as the expiry date on bags of potatoes. Later one notices the date printed on fresh bread and yoghurt containers. Finally, when it appears on products in the 'clearance' shelf, one knows that a long night lies ahead.

Fortunately I've managed once again to avoid hearing Douglas Adams' whooshing sound. So now I can get back to more important things. Like:

  1. Keeping the neighbour's horses out of my newly planted vegetable garden.
  2. Letting my temperamental washing machine know who's boss (it may be holding my clothes hostage, but I have a swiss army knife and am prepared to use it until it surrenders them to me).
  3. Apologising to my downstairs neighbour for the unexpected downpour after my washing machine's previous tantrum.

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