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Fosdem 2004

16 February 2004

FOSDEMThis weekend is FOSDEM 2004; the big Open Source developer's meeting in Brussels. Tim O'Reilly, Richard Stallman, Ruby, Java, security, even a room dedicated to Mozilla. I'd signed up to go, got my passport and scheduled the trains.

But unfortunately I've had to back out. A major server issue reared its head and ate all my free time. As the late Douglas Adams once said, "Belgium."

Update: This server work is driving me insane. We have three nearly identical computers, one each in Calgary (argon), Miami (dr) and Elgin (sim). Each one thinks it is the real server, and will fight the other two for control of our domains. Since they are clones, they are also the ultimate trojan horse; despite colour-coding the terminal screens I've lost track of how many times I've caught myself debugging stuff on the wrong computer.

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