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29 May 2004

Some people like to spend money and collect things. Other people like to use their brains and build things. No prizes for deducing which group I aspire to.

Never the less, over the years I've inadvertently accumulated some stuff which is useless to me. Consider a historic widget still wrapped in its original packaging. I don't dare unwrap it and use it since its "worth" would go down. But from my point of view its current worth (sitting in plastic) is zero. If one can never use the widget, it's like not having it. So time to get rid of these widgets. Maybe some of them will find a home with someone who values sticking them on a display shelf.

Gear in original package. (£2.23 -- to New Zealand)
Red windmill sails. (£1.20 -- to Australia)
Black/yellow windmill sails. (£3.45)
Triple pulley. (£ 8.50 -- to France)
Selection of Trix. (£0.99)
Manufacuring defects. (£0.99)
Electric motor from 1927. (£24.10)
Propeller blades and ornamental fan. (£5.01 -- to France)
Excavator buckets. (£25.01)
Dredger buckets. (£110.00)
Electric motor in original box. (£21.00)
Ship's funnel (£2.20 -- to France)

Update: Slashdot are running my second submission: Mechanical Computing. The comments are surprisingly interesting and funny. Fortunately Tim's server is holding out well; guess I didn't need to build the mirror.

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