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24 April 2004

· There's something at the local supermarket which never fails to creep me out every time I walk past. On one shelf there are bags of "Harvest Crunch" (ingredients: oats, raisins, apple, etc), while on the next shelf there are bags of "Guinea Pig Crunch".

· I was looking at a new fridge/freezer labelled "The Kelvinator[?]". According to the specs, it only takes one hour to bring the contents to below zero. I'll assume, given the name, that they're using Lord Kelvin's scale. If anyone wants some LOX, just mail me an empty thermos. I'll also include some complementary Bose-Einstein condensate.

· My faithful PalmPilot informs me that the "a-" has changed to "a" in my geek code. Looking around, this isn't exactly what I had envisioned. Time to restore from backups and try again.

· Finally managed to find a sensible flat-mate. It has been a long and somewhat amusing search. I'll refrain from saying more.

· Confusing sentence of the day:
The mother of a boy who was injured as a girl plunged to her death [...] spoke today of the terrifying accident.
A nice triply ambiguous introduction to an article from the Press Association.

Nothing more from me for a fortnight; too many things in the air at once.

Update: Ooh, opt-out spam with attitude: "If you donot want us to send you again, you can use the latest outlook2003 soft ,to enter this e-mail address as reject e-mail can solve all the worry ."

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