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MobWrite 2

8 April 2008

Shortly after I released MobWrite over a year ago, Google inadvertently terminated it by assimilating me. However, I rarely give up on anything and have been quietly nibbling away on it in the background.

A new version of MobWrite is finally ready.

  • Smaller initial download (10k compressed).
  • Smaller bandwidth usage while syncing.
  • Faster diff algorithm.
  • Handles much larger text files.
  • Handles any form elements.
  • Quiet error recovery.
  • PHP dependency dropped.
  • Accurate handling of whitespace runs.
  • Better cross-browser handling of line breaks.
  • Unit tests of the more obnoxious client-side functions.
  • Unit tests of server conversation.
  • Formal logging system.
  • Separate modes for sharing numbers vs text.

Even more interesting, it now comes with free hosting: Google will pick up the tab! MobWrite won a contest to be launched yesterday alongside Google's new App Engine.

[MobWrite]MobWrite 2 with Google App Engine.

The media seem to be having fun with this:

The Google App Engine demo of MobWrite is an unusable zoo right now with thousands of people hitting it an hour. MobWrite is technically scalable far beyond the limits of social scalability. So here's a slightly more private one that should be tamer:

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