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Technical Difficulties

22 January 2008

Moo Canada's server decayed last week to a point where the average uptime was around half an hour. Unfortunately I haven't yet had time to properly migrate the Moo to our new server. This is because all my free time was being sunk into polishing a big demo for a new Google project I'm heading up. But the demo failed to even load when presented this morning. It seems that overnight the staff at Digital Routes moved my personal account from the primary server to the file backup server -- a server that doesn't have Python installed. My boss, and his boss, were amused. Oh yes, that went well.

I'm posting this from the command line interface, since most of my website's functionality is currently borked.

Bear with me while I get my computer infrastructure back in order.

Update: I just realised why it's been so quiet lately: DR also dropped all my email on the floor. Not sure what's going on over there, hope they are ok. I'm porting this whole site to some spare Google hardware. That should bring things under my control and improve reliability.

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