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Jessa Gamble

12 May 2008

Today my cousin Jessica Sinclair married Sam Gamble. It was a really good wedding: simple, fun, beautiful. I hadn't seen Jessica in far too many years, so it was wonderful to catch up. It was also wonderful to catch up with my other cousin, Douglas and his lovely partner Joanna.

My first memory of Jessica was when she was two. She had fallen asleep on our living room rug, and I proceeded to lay Lego train tracks around her then assembled a train to circle her endlessly.

Jessica visits Google. [Neil and Jessica at Google]
Jessica and Sam. [Jessica and Sam getting married]
Douglas and Joanna. [Douglas and Joanna at a table]

I'm heading up North tomorrow. Way up North. As a coworker correctly pointed out, "The nearest techstop is in Norway, so try to remember to bring any required accessories with you". Not sure when I'll be back.

I'll update this page as possible. However, if my web server falls over, or Comcast decides to change my IP address, this website will go down and stay down for a while.

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