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19 February 2008

[PowerBook Laptop] Somewhat unexpectedly, is now being hosted from my apartment. Its new host is a surplus PowerBook G4 running Debian. I've no idea how stable my officially non-static IP address is; I guess we'll find out.

The photo to the left is a computer self-portrait. I like recursion.

This website has been up continuously for thirteen years. In that time, it has accumulated a large number of dependancies. The result was a large number of broken apps when I switched servers. One by one I'm eliminating these unwanted dependancies. Perl's cgi-lib, SSL, anything in PHP, etc. Restored apps so far:

  • Moo Database Browser.
  • Image to HTML Converter.
  • Self-modifying Hit Counter.
  • Alternate content generator for Object Trees.
  • Slashdot sidebar.
  • Statistics.
  • RSS.
  • News editor (admin).
  • Page editor (admin).
  • File uploader (admin).
  • MobWrite.

Unrelated: Yesterday at noon one of my coworkers exclaimed "I smell burnt toast." Nobody else understood why I burst out laughing. It's a Canadian thing.

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