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10 June 2008

[Stan the T-Rex vs 100 plastic flamingos] Googlers are strongly encouraged to move projects every year and a half (or so). This keeps knowledge flowing throughout the company and prevents people from constructing a cushy nest and vegetating.

My friend Chris pointed out a very exciting opportunity in another department at exactly the same time that the other department was reaching out to me. A perfect match. Sadly the new project is currently confidential -- which means I could tell you, but then I'd have to hire you.

I'll miss my current team. Great engineers, every one of them. And I'll miss the duck family living in the pond outside my window. I won't miss the extreme temperatures my current office reaches in the summer (prompting my neighbour to install a solar shield).

Love the disembodied car that just appeared outside my apartment on Google's Street View. Twinkle twinkle little car? Also love how they managed to face-blur the fire hydrant on the corner to the right, but missed the woman with her child on the left. I guess if they ever bring Street View to Tweed, Ontario, they will have an excuse for face-blurring the hydrants.

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