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Obama vs McCain

28 October 2008

A sovereign nation has considerable leeway to conduct internal business as it sees fit. If a country wants to have high taxes and high services (France) or low taxes and low services (Morocco), that's a matter between the people and their government. If a country wants to spend the bulk of its money on its military (Israel) or education (Cuba), that's a matter between the people and their government. Every country has its own culture(s) and it is not appropriate for people of one culture to try to tell another culture how to live. Such interference invariably ends badly.

That's why I've kept my mouth firmly shut this election cycle. I'm not an American citizen, thus I have no right to voice an opinion. The world would be a much better place if people would keep their noses out of other countries' internal affairs. Americans would understandably react very badly if China were to actively promote the Democrats or Republicans. Likewise, Americans (and others) should think twice about what they are doing when they engage in tactics to pressure China (and others) to implement some internal changes.

I do have very strong opinions about this election. The result will have real consequences for me. But it is not my place to interfere.

School work at Stanford is getting pretty intense. Multiple assignments due this Monday, a midterm on Wednesday, a project due next Monday. Not to mention Google work. I've even started drinking the occasional cup of tea (Earl Grey, Hot) in an attempt to keep going. Though unlike this guy I'm aware it's not a cure-all.

Update: Freaky moment on the exam: Intended to write "cross product" but my hand wrote "croß product". Where did that come from?!?

I did manage to find the time to carve a pumpkin. Quick and simple to make, much like my 2002 pumpkin. Happy Halloween.

[Radioactive Pumpkin]

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