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Visa Swap

17 December 2007

I've been at Google for one year. In that time I've done lots of wonderful things. Top of the list would have to be adding Gopher[?] as a recognized protocol across a bunch of Google applications. I'm looking forward to next year when much of my real work should see the light of day.

In the mean time, my temporary J-1 visa has expired. No problem, an H-1B was granted which will last me for three years. But to exchange visas, I was actually required to leave the country then reenter the original point of entry. Yes, I had to fly across the continent, step across the border, step back, get my passport stamped, then fly back across the continent. Bureaucracy at its finest. It's worth noting that when I needed a similar visa swap in the UK, they used something called the post office.

Last month while walking through San Francisco, a coworker and I noticed this car which was packed solid with junk:
  Photo 1 - Photo 2.
This is probably the most effective anti-theft device I have ever seen. Would you steal that car?

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