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29 April 2007

While examining my academic transcript prior to accepting Google's offer, I realised that I'm not actually qualified to do my job. Carleton University didn't have a clue about the Internet back in 1995. Open University, erm, doesn't have a clue, period. [Side note, neither of the web bugs in my OU dissertation have been triggered yet.]

To remedy this state of affairs I issued a "challenge for credit" against the new Internet Application Programming course at Carleton. A couple of emails and an IM chat later, I picked up the credit. Wow, that was easy.

I had been a bit worried since after reading the course notes I sent back three pages of corrections to the prof. How people deal with constructive criticism is very illuminating. Some people get insecure and try to shoot the messenger. Others simply ignore it. A few use it to improve their work. Outside of Google, one never knows which will happen. Much to my relief Professor Morin belongs to the third category. It was great talking with him; he even took the time to review all my 'unexpected' exam answers to find out if I'd made a mistake or if I'd seen a loophole in the question. I wish more people were like that.

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