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Mandelbrot Scroll

16 April 2007


Shortly before moving to California, a precocious seven year old gave me a Chinese scroll. Although the print wasn't really the sort of thing I'd want to hang on my wall, the thought was nice. Fortunately, flipping the scroll over revealed that the back side was completely blank. Excellent...

The next step was to render a suitable image, convert it into a small pallet, perform colour separation, buy some paints and get to work.

Since there are 16,200 pixels, it's taking a while to complete. But I'm slowly getting there.

Oh, and if you don't know what that's an image of, you can read up on the Mandelbrot set, download XaoS to play with them, or just sit back and watch.

Happiness is ... when your boss walks into your office and hands you a chewy oatmeal cookie the size of your head.

That's odd. Google the word "precocious" [screenshot]. It seems to think that "dictionary" is what you meant. First time I've seen bogus search results in about five years. Update: And Google's fixed it.

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