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19 November 2007

Magnetic resonance imaging[?] produces extremely detailed and valuable data. Visualizing that data can be a challenge. Often one gets the data in the form of an animated view of slices from one side of the subject to another. Here's a Python script which takes these slices, reconstitutes the object in memory then reslices it on other axises.

Original right-left animation. [Side view of human MRI slice]
Computed top-bottom animation. [Top view of human MRI slice]
Computed front-back animation. [Front view of human MRI slice]

This particular scan contains over 9 million voxels. Fortunately the voxels appear to be cubes, so no scaling is required. Humans are annoyingly symmetrical, so I'm uncertain if the original animation is left-right or right-left -- thus the computed slices might be mirrored.

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