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12 Girls Band

4 October 2007

Last night I got to see the 12 Girls Band perform in Oakland. They are a group from China who play both eastern and western music on traditional Chinese instruments. This was their first performance on a tour of the US and Canada.

[Twelve Girls Band in red]

The highlight of the evening was their rendition of a Russian polka played on a two-stringed erhu[?]. Followed by Beethoven's ninth. Also in the mix was Mozart, some Chinese and Japanese traditional and pop music. Even the Irish theme from Titanic. The skill of the performers was amazing, they played perfectly and energetically for an hour and a half. No filler, no fluff, no "I dedicate this next song to my dog." In fact they didn't say a single word, it was live music from curtain open to close.

After discovering their work on YouTube I had high hopes for this show. They exceeded themselves. Do see them if you get a chance, the rest of their tour dates are available on their website. Obviously their CDs aren't available in mainstream stores, I got mine a few months ago in a back alley in Chinatown. Difficult to tell if it was authentic or bootlegged.

Here's a sample of their work:
Or this one (love the east-west string war half way through):

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