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Spaghetti Monster

3 June 2007

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is a well-known and highly elegant weapon against the Kansas creationists. I've just stumbled across evidence that Jim Henson beat them to it by twenty-five years:

Update: Google reveals that another Canadian spotted this a few months ago.

Side note: The two mice I'm mouse-sitting for my boss are both female. So why does the white one keep trying to mount the black one? How very ... San Francisco.

Ack, a forced shift in email routing from Digital Routes to Google resulted in a deluge of 12,000 spam messages. It took Gmail five days to process them in 200 message chunks. As a result, I've only now received my email from the past five days. So if I haven't responded to you, don't think I'm ignoring you. Well, yes, I am ignoring YOU, but everyone else's emails will be answered.

Yay! After six months of living in an empty and echoy apartment, my furniture finally arrived! Where by "furniture" I do of course mean "an ungodly amount of Meccano". Duh.

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