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7 May 2005

EXTERMINATE! After my exams last week I popped into Ottakars (a bookstore in Inverness) to inspect the O'Reilly shelf (now that the university term is over, I've got time to learn stuff). There, guarding the entrance, was a Dalek. It was a little worse for wear, and looked somewhat humiliated by the sign hanging from its neck: "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE DALEK". Although the Daleks are the greatest threat facing humanity, they are no match for a four-year old child. Never underestimate the awesome destructive power of a fully-operation four-year old.

Speaking of four-year olds, there was an election on Thursday. All the usual suspects were present. Had there been a Dalek on the ballot, I'm sure it would have been elected by a landslide. This is, after all, a country with 390,000 Jedi Knights.

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