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21 May 2005

[Photograph of plane turning]

Reznor suggests:
Coffe goes in the cup, not in my lap. Now go tell the passengers everything is OK.

XP Help suggests:
To make a wireless connection, you may need to disable autoconnect.

St. Thomas Aquinas suggests:
And if there were 2 more satellites we would also know our altitude

The King suggests:
Joy Subjects! Joy!

Ford suggests:
Where did you learn a manoevre like that Trillian?

Gavin suggests:
Barry's idea for skywriting was ingenious. Older skywriters would only tell about a product, but he would SHOW the customers where it was. It would have worked, except for that last 150 feet.

Gavin suggests:
Ok, so you managed to hit that cloud. Bet you can't do it twice.

Farkaska suggests:
Look! A giant blue smiley!

Chris suggests:
What, you mean I shouldn't leave my magnet collection next to the compass?

auntiMatter suggests:
There is no intelligent life here. Let's try that way.

Liam suggests:
We're out of coffee? Vite, vite! Revenez à Paris!

Vladimir suggests:
One day there will be a civilization that PRODUCES lemon-soaked paper napkins

Thatcher suggests:
This lady's not for turning.

Neil suggests:
Is there a difference between degrees and radians?

Neil suggests:
Sorry, we've run out of lemon-soaked paper napkins.

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