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14 May 2005

  • The Open University had a probe en route to Mars. I enrolled. The probe cratered a month later.

  • Bittorrent had been growing for years. I finally downloaded it and started exploring. The next day the RIAA shutdown and the lawsuits started.

  • BeOS was starting to become a rather impressive operating system. I got a copy, reformatted a computer and started developing. A week later Be Inc went bankrupt.

  • Spanner was the Meccano mailing list which had been connecting Meccanomen to each other for a decade. I subscribed. It collapsed due to in-fighting a month later.

  • After evaluating Firefox & Thunderbird for a year, I decided that the Mozilla suite was the superior product. I ported all my settings back into Mozilla, went to Slashdot and read the article that the suite was to be discontinued.

  • DS9/Voyager/Enterprise had been stumbling on for years. Then Enterprise hired new writers and suddenly everything fell into place; I was hooked. Even better than TNG or B5. Within a month came the news that the show was cancelled.

So ... what's next? Mac OS X is starting to look rather interesting. I've just ordered a copy of Tiger.

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