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OU-M865 (Projects)

2 April 2005

According to this course on project management:

  • Every project should start with a mission statement, it will guide you and help you make decisions. [SF 102]
  • The value of a programmer is proportional to the number of kilo-lines of code he generates per week.
  • Outsourcing all work that isn't core to the business keeps the company strong. [cited example, IBM outsourcing DOS to MicroSoft]
  • Divesting your core business keeps the company strong. [two chapters later]
  • If the client changes the requirements, the project is a success since one can sue the client for breach of contract. [TMA01]
  • Upgrades from Microsoft should be implemented immediately, but any others should be extensively tested on a stand-alone system. [IG 160]
  • Drawing hundreds of stick figure representations of the client helps keep the project on track. [UML]

I am become PHB.

The sad thing is that this course was filled with lots of insightful and worthwhile ideas. But it is difficult to determine which ones are valuable when so many don't pass the straight face test. Unfortunately I've had to absorb all this material for the sake of the final exam. I've given Val a frying pan and instructed her to hit me over the head with it should I attempt to make a business suggestion within the next six months.

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