Bridges of Inverness

[Aerial view of Inverness] by Neil Fraser, September 2003

Scottish engineering has a reputation for strength and durability. It is joked that whereas the Titanic was built in Ireland, the QE2 was built in Scotland. Of course reality is somewhat different from public image. The bridges of Inverness offer a glimpse into the real world of Scottish engineering. Both the successes and the failures.

Inverness sits astride the Ness River and the Caledonian Canal. Both waterways flow from Loch Ness towards the North Sea. They are crossed by an amazingly diverse collection of bridges.

Kessock Road Bridge Ness Viaduct Rail Bridge Waterloo Road Bridge Friars Road Bridge Greig Street Foot Bridge Ness Road Bridge Infirmary Foot Bridge Ness Island Foot Bridges Tomnahirich Road Bridge Muirtown Road Bridge Clachnaharry Rail Bridge <IMG SRC="map.gif" HEIGHT=390 WIDTH=225 USEMAP="#inverness">

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Last modified: 28 September 2003