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13 October 2002

It has been a busy couple of weeks at work. More hard drive problems, a corrupt SQL database, cross-browser DHTML challenges, my 4th confirmed Mozilla bug, a domain name snatcher and another JavaCrypted CD. I'm trying to get as much done as possible prior to 24 October, which is when my visa expires. They should renew it, but you never know.

While at work, I've usually got a neighbouring computer tuned in to NASA TV so that I can follow the STS-112 mission. There is nothing like watching an orbital sunrise or sunset every 45 minutes; spectacular. Watching mission control is fun too: banks of shiny computers, massive projection screens, a cleaning woman pushing a cart around emptying waste paper baskets.

Speaking of NASA, here are a couple of photos that caught my eye. A rather unusual view of a shuttle's belly and a view of an external tank shortly after being dropped. The caption on the latter is unintentionally funny -- all I can say is "poor astronauts".

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