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26 March 2002

One of the reasons for moving from was to escape the mountains of spam I'd been receiving. Now that I can actually read my email, I'm not quite sure what to make of much of it. For instance, this one from Brazil:

I`m computer science in graduation and completly ammazed for the AI. What the hell is going on with our planet?
I know that the knowledeg is cool but men allways use to destroy... So i think if we can know also just like then(the guys of military research and all that shit), so we can do something good for our world, i mean the animals, the plants, the sea, the lakes and the rivers, the people that are good.

I am not making fun of his/her/its English; my Spanish is far worse. But I generally expect an email to have a purpose -- any purpose. Even if it is just to inform me that I can loose 100lbs in 10 days.

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