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Javacrypt Solved

21 May 2002

[Javacrypt] Two months ago I released Javacrypt, a method of password protecting a webpage using client-side JavaScript. In accordance with tradition I offered a prize to anyone who could break the scheme and crack a demonstration page.

Last week I got a mysterious email from a Dr. Srivatsan in India containing the decrypted text from the challenge. I have no idea how he cracked it, nor do I know how much effort it took. There was also no postal address to send the prize and I'm not sure how to FTP a large tin of Scottish shortbread to his IP address.

Dr. Srivatsan got back in touch with me and pointed out a fatal flaw in Javacrypt which reduces it to the level of a simple cryptogram. Thus I've removed Javacrypt from my list of Open Source Software. A large tin of shortbread is on its way to India.

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