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7 November 2012

Six years ago I resolved to make the switch from QWERTY[?] to Dvorak.[?] A day latter Google called me and it became clear that learning a new keyboard map would have to wait.

[MacBook Pro converted to Dvorak]

This week is devoted to a yawn-inducing internal summit. The perfect opportunity to take some downtime and switch. Popping the keys off my MacBook and rearranging them was the easy part. Retraining my brain is proving to be more challenging than expected. Only two of the keys ('A' and 'M') are where they've been for the past thirty years. Unlearning QWERTY and relearning Dvorak feels very much like recovering from a stroke. Every key-press is hesitant and requires total concentration. Composing this post letter-by-letter is quite tedious. But I'll stick with it.

Woo! Obama won! Looks like I'll be staying in this country for another four years. Maybe I'll be able to type by then.

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